Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why I'm not a great client for hair salons

Today, I got my first non-spontaneous haircut in 5 years. I cut my own hair for most of that time, but was not brave enough to give myself a bob last fall, and called places until there was one that could get me in IMMEDIATELY. I told no one, not even Caleb, and then happily paid them to lop a lot of my hair off and it was awesome.

I made an appointment at that same place a few weeks ago for today, to get the exact same haircut. And I did, and it was awesome. I'd be happy to refer you, then we both get $10 off our next visit. I'm great at referring. This is not why I am not a great client for hair salons.

Here is what I have realized - when I had long hair, I had split ends all the time. All the time. And most of the time, it wasn't really that noticeable*. When it got noticeable, I would cut them off. When I got short hair five months ago, it was the best. I stopped using conditioner. Some days I would forget to brush it before leaving the house. I really enjoyed how it looked all the time. Once I even went to bed with wet hair, and woke up, and it still looked awesome*.

So, when I got my hair cut today, they commented about how I hadn't been in for a while, and wouldn't I like to schedule for a trim in 8-10 weeks? Nope. 

Well then, surely I would like to buy the product** that keeps my ends from splitting as they do when one prefers to wait a minimum 5 months between appointments? Nope. Wait, I had split ends? Oh yeah.

But here is what I realized. Split ends do not cause any serious damage. They are not giving me arthritis down the road, and they are not causing indigestion, and they are not making my hair fall out or my skin turn purple. And suddenly, I felt liberated. Like I will never again buy the argument that finding a split end means you urgently need to get a haircut. FREEDOM!

What a good day. Sorry to the hair salon people. But thanks to them for still always treating me as if I were a great client who faithfully came in every 8 weeks and bought all the products.

*Ahem. To me anyway. And that's all that matters.
** I know they have to do this, cause of their deals with the product companies, etc. etc.