Saturday, November 28, 2015

The gluten-free piecaken

Sometime this week, I heard about the piecaken. I also immediately disagreed with the name. It should just be the piecake or the pake. But it seems the internet has dubbed it the piecaken, and I will respect that. 

I wasn't feeling great on Thanksgiving, so I didn't eat very much... which meant that today was a great day to do some catching up. We made waffles, baked mac & cheese, and .... a piecaken. (All gluten free, cause that's how we do it around here.) 

Here are my learnings and photos:

What made this project manageable is that I made the pie crust last week in preparation for Thanksgiving. However, I had initially planned on just baking it without filling, so I pricked holes in the crust. More on why that was a problem later.

This morning, I made the pecan pie filling, using maple syrup instead of corn syrup. Then I put it in our garage to cool. This afternoon, I made the cake batter - chocolate cake with chocolate chips. The cake called for two cups of sugar, and I cut it in half.

Now. Imagine the pie crust - with holes in bottom - filled with delicious, but now cold, maple syrup. Whoops. I spread a layer of cake batter in the parchment lined spring-form pan and flipped the pie plate and... nothing. 

I tried to take a fork around the edges of the pie, but it was pretty much a goner. But I did not worry, because pecans + chocolate = amazing. 

Sticky, syrupy pie crust

Completed cake ready to go in the oven for... about 90 minutes

Finally done! I covered it with foil for the majority of the baking process.

You can see the pie chunks... An alternative cake flavor considered was fresh peach

The first piece! Caleb didn't want icing on his.

The inside, pre-frosting

Post frosting - a maple chocolate frosting topped with pecans

And there you have it! I was really amazed when I transferred the cake - erm, piecaken - to the cake plate that it was extremely stable. Now we just need to find some helpers to eat it!