Sunday, November 9, 2014

the weekend in a stream of consciousness

Madagascar, empanadas, baseball, Venezuela, churros, Malagasy, buck in the front yard, clean laundry swaying in the breeze, homemade pizza, homemade lemon meringue pie with perfect meringue, perfect crust, and perfect tasting filling with, spanglish, marmota is "woodchuck" in Spanish, Mexico, toddlers, love, full house, full heart, flour EVERYWHERE, cleaning and cleaning again, dirtying every single kitchen towel and washcloth, root beer floats, kids' yoga, parents, resting, dishes with joy, ikea, sweeping, meatballs, lingonberry is the swedish cranberry, facebook, face to face time, sunshine, plants, fresh dirt, ice cream sodas, homemade ginger beer, phone calls, text messaging, reconnecting, walking, watering, talking, snuggling.