Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In the spirit of just beginning...

Today I want to write because I have something I want to tell you about. I haven't written for a while. We've been doing just a few things around the house, you know, like moving and stuff. Nothing big. Two questions for you.
  1. Have you ever been really touched by someone you barely knew? 
  2. Have you ever met someone you were 99% sure was a prophet? (You can never really be sure of these things until afterwards.)
Confession - when other people post videos on their blogs, I usually don't watch them. This video is beautiful my friends. I think you will appreciate it. In it, appears someone who is my answer to both of the above questions. 

Today, we celebrated the life of this man, Bob Hentzen, who passed away one year ago today. We walked to a park, carrying flags of countries where we work. We ate together, and had discussions about something he used to say, all the time - "The spirit of just beginning".

On the day of his sixtieth birthday, Bob started walking. He walked from Kansas City to Guatemala. Years later, at age 74, he walked from Guatemala to Chile. Why? To tell families living in poverty that they are not alone. That they are valuable, that we need them, that they are quite capable of changing the world. When he arrived in Chile, he said to the crowd, "People ask me, 'Now what? You've finished the walk.' And I say to them, 'This adventure is just beginning!'"

What would it mean to stay open each day, to live in a spirit of just beginning? This is my reflection. This is what I want to share with you, to ask you. What do you think?  For me, I think it means starting each day without carrying yesterday's baggage. To stay open to people and experiences and the way they might shape us. To not go through the motions.

Your turn...