Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Resolution

I never make these, just so you know. I always say that if there is something you want to change, you should just do it, and not wait until a whole new year rolls around.

That said, I was really sick at the beginning of January and spent a lot of time laying in bed and thinking, with no internet and having already watched the two movies we had. (one was Elf, obviously.)

And I decided that it had been a while since I reflected and thought about my life and it's path. So I planted a little seed of reflection inside and let it grow.

And yesterday, January 27, 2014, I decided I did want to resolve to do something more this year.

Are you ready?

Here it goes....

I resolve to look more at the sky. If this resolution doesn't make sense, you should go look at the sky. And maybe make it your resolution too.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Best Day Ever?

I haven't blogged since our wedding.
I have been seeing a lot of wedding decorations/ signs that say,"Best day ever!" I like the phrase because it's so full of excitement. When I think back about our wedding day, I remember how awesome it was. It was beautiful and special because so many people were there to see us make such an important promise. I wanted to make all the people just stay for days and days so I could take them in and be with them. Even still, I have a hard time labeling a wedding day "Best Day Ever". Here's why:

1. It happens so fast. Everyone says this. We started our day out with yoga, and that hour of quiet time was so important to let the weight of the day sink in. I felt very present to every moment throughout the day, but even still, the minutes just ticked by faster somehow.

2. So many more days are yet to come! We really miss something when we don't count the little moments of joy each day. The best day ever was that day when Caleb and I were brushing our teeth and he made me laugh so hard I had to sit down on the floor. And then it happened (at least) once a week for four months. The best day ever was when we went on a walk and saw the sun setting and realized we'd been both been contemplating the same thing for days, but hadn't been able to verbalize it until then. The best day ever was when I hung out with my girl friends for the first time after the wedding and remembered how great girl time is. The best day ever was today when I realized how blessed I am to be coworkers with my husband. The best day ever is tomorrow and was yesterday. It will be two weeks from today and it was last month.*

3. College was not the best four years of your life. And neither will your wedding day be the best day of your marriage.

And now, here is a question for you, but you don't have to leave a comment, unless you want to. What makes a best day ever for you?

*I guess by this description, the best day ever could and should apply to a wedding day.