Sunday, April 14, 2013

On snow and spring flowers

I awoke with a start. I slid my head under the curtain and parted the mini blinds with my fingers. Still no snow. "We're definitely having work," I thought. By the time seven thirty rolled around, fluffy flakes were pelting the ground. As I pulled on my boots, I decided to use the bathroom before beginning what would certainly be a long, soggy journey. While I was washing my hands, Carolyn's phone rang. It was Caleb. "Don't go to work!" he exclaimed. "What?" I couldn't believe it. Work was cancelled and I had been so close to heading out in the blizzard. I flopped on the couch, grateful, but wondered what I was going to do next.


The second time was less stressful. I had a working cell phone and work was called off a day in advance. I slept in and marveled again at the way the new snow laced the trees and softened the world around  us. Winter gives me life. The way that snow delicately covers even the finest leaf is a poetry more beautiful than I could ever explain. It would take an entire book to explore the beauty of looking out your window while the snow is still slowly falling. The softness nestles into my heart and changes me a little. 


I look out my window again. Snow is long melted. Rains have come that last for a week, let up mercifully for the weekend, then return again to start Monday off on an extra sleepy note. Where once there was snow, now there are flowers, delicately blooming against the grey sky. Trees are coated in blossoms. The temperature is unpredictable and as finicky as an old oven at Christmas time, but it doesn't matter because there is so much GREEN everywhere. Nourished by the snow days, spring has come again. I feel it in my heart too.