Thursday, February 21, 2013

Caleb Cat!

I get to marry this guy! This one. Right here. See him?
He doesn't mind taking silly pictures with me.

 Plus,  we like to pick wildflowers. And he has the best hair ever. Look how awesome it is.

He is very kind-hearted. I like that a lot about him. So does Ruby (Carolyn's dog). She is almost as happy as I am when Caleb comes over. But I (usually) don't yodel quite like she does.

He didn't even mind when I had to dress like a man for a murder mystery dinner party.
Aren't my eyebrows manly?
We used to look different, back when we first started dating.

Nowdays, we're a little hairier and we've been a lot more places together. (Like Michigan in the winter. You guys - go to Michigan in the summer.)
We can both sport pony-tails now.
And our adventures are just getting started...