Thursday, July 5, 2012


The first thing I did was to make cookies that spread out and stuck to the bottom of the pan, as if refusing to leave. They still taste good.

 I saw some sweet kids that I love. We practiced math, reading, and turned their closet upside down and inside out looking for a missing library book. We sat on the floor laughing and sorting piles of all their schoolwork since kindergarten, Beauty.

We started out by making veggie burgers and brownies and found ourselves laughing on the kitchen floor.
(This is not uncommon.)

We drove down flag-lined streets and talked about the women, girls really, of Liberia having babies too soon. 13 is too young. The freedom that we celebrate so greatly is somehow linked to those girls. We are right to celebrate, but also find ourselves more responsible for the world around us.

We looked at pictures from a month trip to Zambia of happy and serious chubby babies in orphanages and sweet kids in schools. We swam in the lake and sat on the dock, surrounded by a family that wasn't ours, but was lent to us for the evening. Fireworks exploded in the sky and over the water.

Today, 5.