Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Facebook favorites

Guess what? I like blogging. I like having a blog. I like messing with it and rearranging things. Anyways... some great pictures have been surfacing from the big FB the past few days. I thought I would share on here since I'm not a big fan of posting new things more than a few times a week on Facebook...

And now for something a little less serious...


Sunday, September 25, 2011

The joy of the unexpected

This weekend, I was going to go on my very first camping trip. It was going to be awesomely combined with a float trip down a beautiful blue-green river that looks like it should be in the jungle instead of rural Missouri. But you already know from my past continuous + infinitive sentence structure (was going + to go) that something must have interfered and prevented my plans from taking place.

That something was my health.

The plan was to peace out on Friday at noon. This got moved to Friday at five to accommodate a friend who got off work then. Thursday night, my stomach raged, my sinuses burned, and I went to sleep way early. Maybe I actually was fighting some virus, or maybe I was just exhausted from lack of sleep and too much hurry. Either way, around 10:30 Friday morning, I got honest enough with myself to recognize that the LAST thing I wanted to do was drive five hours and sleep outside. On the ground.

So I stayed home. My boyfriend Caleb came over and we watched Finding Nemo (he's looking for his son, Fabio), which I had never seen before. Saturday, I went to the farmers' market and got eggs, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and my very first paw paws. They are very similar to the cherimoyas I enjoyed in Espain (and lo! I was correct in my assumption that they are related). They are, according to that link I used with paw paws, also referred to as the "poor man's banana". That strikes me as ironic because I am pretty sure the poor man's banana now is... a banana. Paw paws could be re-termed the rich man's banana because they 'spensive.

I also made a gluten and dairy free peanut butter banana cake. So. good. Why? Because yesterday was my dear friend Amanda's birthday. (You should click that link. It took me two freaking years to write that post.) We celebrated with a surprise tea party! It was delightful and perfectly Amanda.

In all, it turned out to be a weekend full of good things, but nothing like I planned. Sometimes I find myself addicted to planning. It feels deceptively as if I am in control...

It seems like I usually find myself happiest though when my plans don't work out because something better comes up. I can't plan to make myself laugh so hard I feel sick. (A good experience, I promise!) Nor can I schedule seeing complete surprise register on someone's face as they open a really good present.

Have you ever been surprised by the joy of the unexpected?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm trying something new. It's a little crazy, but so far, I feel really good. I have cut gluten (it's the protein in wheat) and dairy from my life. This is on top of meat, which I already don't eat on account of being vegetarian. Oh. And I stopped eating sugar.

This has been a gradual decline, sort of.

Day 1 I subbed rice noodles for spaghetti and ate all the other things.
Day 2 I ate half a cupcake and M&Ms
Day 3 I ate a cookie.
Day 4 totally free!
Day 5 totally free! but now I am having cravings. I can do it. I went grocery shopping and got some snacks that were G/D/S free. I am not bloated and I feel great. I actually feel hungry instead of just sort of uncomfortable. I can recognize it. Here we go...!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Two life goals in four days? Pretty good.
  1. Catching the bouquet at a wedding. (after which, I let out a really loud "YES!", hence the title of this post)
  2. Biking to work. (17 miles round trip)
What's next? Skydiving?

Expanding on #2... Today I biked to work. It was awesome. It took me an hour and a half and I arrived with back sweat. it felt like such an adventure. I am a pretty happy exerciser, generally speaking. I laughed at least 8 times on my bike trip and at one point, I felt like I knew a secret that almost no one else knows: arriving at work powered only by your body is totally awesome. (But tomorrow, I will drive.)